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Pictora is pleased to introduce the talent of a budding creative, Gianni Tascon.

Make sure you watch Gianni's first short film: AM I AN ARTIST?

Gianni has submitted some interesting art and video to the Made Visible - Coronavirus Project.  You can find Gianni's work on Made Visible Exhibition.  

Following is a description of Gianni's work in his own words.

'Black duck'- In this shot I wanted to portray the red and blue side(in this case bad and good) and how you will always need both in life. The duck just makes the shot a bit more interesting and its eyes symbolize a clear vision.  
'Reflection'- Here I was trying to show the crystal clear reflection and how sometimes it's good to take a step back and reevaluate what you are doing. The people in this photo are a symbol of just going with the flow but not really evaluating their lives.
'St Paul's Balloon' - I captured this one with perfect timing because that day it was windy so I had to wait for the balloon to be where I wanted (on top of the building). Sometimes life is about perfect timing!
'Woman and dog'- This one was caught in the moment and I didn't think about the framing/composition too much, I wanted to capture those raw emotions. The main question I want people to ask themselves with this one is 'what does a woman(or man) plus a dog equal or lead to?'
'Oxford Circus taxis'- Here I wanted to capture London in it's purest form. I did this by focusing on the main things like the post box(on the left side of the frame),the iconic black taxis, the white building as the background and the busy street.
"In the end art is supposed to be interpreted in whatever way you want. These are reasons why I took the photos the way I did.
You can find more of Gianni's work on :

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